The story of a cow shit

A Cow eat each Day about 90 pounds on average; 24 pounds of haylage, 2 pounds of hay, 40 pounds of corn silage, 14 pounds of shell corn and 10 pounds of protien mix. A cow will eat more if it has a calf, and more if it is pregnant.

Smaller beef cows only eat about 10-12 pounds of hay each day during the winter, and nothing more (a quarter of a bale of hay per cow per day). Larger breeds may need 15-18 pounds.
A cow swallows about 100 liters of water/day.

Manure – A cow produces 65 lbs. (29.5 kg) of feces or manure daily – that’s 12 tons (908 kg) a year. A cow can poop up to 15 times a day.

So on the picture 1 of 15.

Think about it…

Info from google docs ,wikianswers.

Photograph Animals -patience, patience, patience

I have 5 goats and 5 sheep. They know me but still they don´t really like to pose for the camera. For the goats I have a good trick – swedish knäckebröd – they love it, the problem is that they sometimes come to close and start licking on the camera

Trust is the word dealing with animals, move slowly and have a lot of patience, spend a lot of time with them.
Every animal have they own personality, you see it after some hours with them and you will get great pictures in return.
You can see my Weird Goat pictures here some of them are HDR processed. I used flash and have the camera near to the ground (I did not look through the finder), ISO 100/raw and jpeg.

When its sunshine I like to work with a flash, I like the surrealistic touch it can get on pictures, I also do a lot of post processing in photoshop/elements.

Thank you for reading swenglish.

Working on my stock library

All this technical things, how do I upgrade my brain?
Anyway Im happy with PhotoShelter and now the real work begin to add more pictures to my galleries. It takes time to work thrue 30 years of picture making…

Yesterday I find a site with ”food” by Carl Warner -just amazing! and suddenly all microstock food shots seems boring.

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